Help Start A Natural Tea & Herb Shop

GOAL : 8000 $

RAISED : 0 $

Help start up an all natural tea and herb shop with ingredients straight from Africa. Africa is home to many naturally caffeine-free herbal teas and herbs. This includes rooibos, indigenous to South Africa. Traditional medicine suggests that these herbal teas have a calming & soothing effect on moods. Medical research also suggests numerous health benefits […]

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Help Start a Future Digital Artists Career

GOAL : 4000 $

RAISED : 0 $

Help a child start their future career by helping supply them with the tools they need to start practicing their art. By donating today you will help get the supplies they will need like professional drawing pads, software, classes, etc.. that will help them succeed in the career path they want to follow in the […]

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Help Children Get The Education They Deserve

GOAL : 15000 $

RAISED : 0 $

Many children in poverty leave school without a basic education – if they’re able to attend at all or finish. Globally, 260 million children aren’t even in school. When children & youth fall behind, usually due to illness or family problems, the resources to catch up don’t exist. Overcrowded classrooms & uneducated parents can make […]

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It's the holiday season and the time for helping people out is now! With Covid-19 this year will be harder on a lot more people.

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From local business', Small shops, Natural disasters, to Start up business' & People being affected by coronavirus people all over need help. Today you can be that help.

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